Application and Reflection

The information I have studied about parenting styles will be helpful to me as a teacher. One thing I have discovered when working with children is that consistency is extremely important. It is beneficial to a teacher to understand the disciplining methods and parenting styles that are used at home in order to better understand how to get through to that specific child. The parent has likely developed a way to deal with their child’s specific needs and issues and if the teachers are able to implement the same techniques, the child is more likely to respond the same way as they would at home. It can often be difficult to discipline a child when you are unaware of how things go at their house because he or she may not know how to react to other types of discipline. This is important especially at a young age when children are less capable of reasoning and only know how to respond to certain stimuli.

Studying this chapter will also help me in my future if and when I become a parent. I have always wanted my own children and being aware of the different parenting techniques as well as the results they merit will help me to raise my children in the best way possible. I, like many people, believe that the authoritative parenting style is the best method. I want to demand enough from my children to where they feel comfortable challenging themselves and they can gain a sense of independence. However, at the same time I want them to be able to come to me when they have a problem that they do not feel they can handle on their own. As a friend, sister, girlfriend, teacher, and all my other roles in life, it means a lot to me that the people in my life can come to me when they feel frustrated or alone. My number one goal would be to be there for my children when they need me, but I would still want to set boundaries and rules in my family.

The various parenting methods are interesting to think about when reflecting on my own development. My mother was more responsive than demanding throughout my childhood, but I would not consider her parenting style permissive because there were still very clear rules that I would be punished for breaking. My father was definitely more demanding than responsive, but, again, I would not consider his parenting style authoritarian because he is always there for me when I need him. Even though he may not always know the right thing to say, I appreciate the fact that he is there and will listen to me and try his best to come up with a helpful response.

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