Application and Reflection

I do not want to promote gender stereotypes in my classroom. As a teacher, I would like to make my students feel comfortable being who they would like to be even if this does not conform to society’s “norm.” Since there is such a high suicide rate for people who struggle with gender, I think it is something that is important to understand when dealing with younger children. If children are aware that their gender does not define who they are or what they can do, this will decrease the likelihood that they will feel inferior because they do not fit stereotypes. I do not want females in my classroom to feel as though they cannot be as successful in life because of their gender. I do not want males in my classroom to feel like they cannot express their emotions because they are male. I will not place much emphasis on gender in my class and will allow my students to make their own personal decisions regarding their gender.

Gender stereotypes were present in my own development. My grandfather owns a business, which all four of his sons worked for at some point in their lives. His second eldest son now owns and runs the business. I have two male cousins, both of which have been taken into consideration when deciding who will inherit the business after my uncle. However, neither I, my two sisters, nor my three female cousins have even been asked about working a part time position. It is clear in my family that my grandfather and uncle do not think that we, as females, are capable of taking over the family business and running it successfully. My family sees males as strong, dominant leaders who are supposed to support their families. Therefore, they could not see any one but a male being in charge of the business.

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