Application and Reflection

Understanding Freud’s id, ego, and super-ego will be important for me since I will be working with younger children. I must know that children under five have not developed there super-ego and therefore do not have many moral values. Since the id is there from birth, most of the children I will work with will be focused primarily on instincts and desires.

I think Erikson’s Eight Stages of Man is a great reference tool for understanding what children may be going through and how they can be helped. I would mainly be focused on the second and third stages. Potty training is something that I will have to teach children at some point and it is important that I do this in a healthy and successful way. I will also have to do all I can as an educator to give my students purpose and make them feel as though what they are doing is worthwhile. Something that may promote this would be to always have art work from the children hanging up in my classroom so that they can admire and be proud of their work.

Marcia’s different identity statuses are more relevant to my own development. For most of my life, I fell under the identity moratorium stage because I was always considering new careers, but would only stick to these plans for a few months. However, after I got my first job in childcare, I reached identity achievement. I had already spent time exploring other options for the rest of my life and had finally decided on the one for me. It did not take long after I started working with children for me to decide that this is definitely what I wanted to do with my life.

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